if i talked to you or about you in the last 48 hours it means i love you because i have been high the whole time. woohoo pain meds wohoo wisdom teeth my mouth hurts

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everything tht happened yesterday is a haze cause i still had anesthesia in me and i started on painkillers yesterday morning so i’m just wobbly and tired and i’m craving everything i can’t eat like Taco Bell and chips and dip and i feel generally worthless

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Anonymous said: Are you coming back to Rexburg for the Fall?


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Pokken Tournament coming 2015

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the string quartet version by edward sharpe and the zeroes makes me happy and emotional because they played it during mitch and cam’s wedding and it was so sweet I LOVE MODERN FAMILY


broe… dude.. my bro…. my dudebro… my manly friend bro. drink any sick protein shakes lately bro…??? my man dude bro friend???…. no homo……….. my broe

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things i wrote down right after my surgery and was still doped up:

  • the word ‘selfie’ circled and underlined many times
  • 'I am in love with myself, the beginning of a novel'
  • 'what is in my mouth' underlined
  • 'do i get me teeth'
  • a drawing of a rainbow
  • 'did i take a selfie yet'
  • 'hovel'
  • 'where are me teeth want to keep those'
  • another rainbow with the words ‘A NOVEL’ written in it
  • 'im famous'
  • 'i'm starting to feel more sober'
  • to my mom ‘I’m gonna be emotional, I love you’ and she wrote she loves me too
  • '1. Sorry if I say bad stuff   2. I might cry a lot  3. maybe ask fro chris and Breana later'
  • my face is worthless but probably still sexy
  • 'this paper doesn't know who it's dealing with'
  • 'am i swollen, forgot'
  • talking about wanting to keep my teeth: ‘jewelry, mythical powers, maybe i can give to friends’
  • at the top of page four: ‘copious note #4’
  • 'blood everywhere?
  • 'numb beard'
  • 'how long no speak'
  • 'i haven't been silent this long since high school. at least i truly have a voice now'
  • me trying to comfort my mom (what was happening that made me feel like i needed to comfort her????) ‘all the broken hearts in the world still beat’
  • still trying to comfort mom: ‘u ok? GOOD. I love you’
  • 'i love myself so much'
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no offense but i love myself and i need more posters

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