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Anonymous said: *high five full of glitter

i think this is it

the best anonymous message i’ve ever received

the wheels of my mind are turning so fast

Anonymous said: I hope you feel better soon, bro. Thinking of ya

i still don’t know how to respond to this kind of thing. i appreciate your intentions.

Anonymous said: I hope you're feeling better. Just know that people love you.

i’m not really feeling better. i stopped crying hours ago. thanks.

Anonymous said: Willy, you are a wonderful sunshine.

is sunshine a singular noun

Anonymous said: you are a shiny peace of awesomeness.

thanks i feel terrible about everything right now and i hate myself because i expect too much out of everyone including myself and i feel generally manic and depressed and angry about everything and nothing

Anonymous said: Merry Christmas! I hope you have a loving day with your family!

Aawwww bless u. And a happy new year to your family!

Anonymous said: I have a tiny crush on you.

Anonymous said: nom nom nomy nom nom nom.

Anonymous said: I worry for your self esteem because it is based so squarely in yourself. Real self-esteem, the kind that lasts, comes from forgetting yourself and looking out towards others. It's a process, but it's a process of finding yourself through the ways you help others. You can ignore this, but its things I've thought about because I care about you. <3

Anonymous said: You are a total cutie

Anonymous said: Top 5 saddest moments, top 5 happiest moments, top 5 personal milestones.

i hope you’re ready for these answers because i could write an essay for each one.

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Anonymous said: why are all the awesome things you post so expensive IT'S KILLING ME IT'S KILLING US BOTH


Anonymous said: 17 44 36

17 your anxieties- this fall, man. i have no money to stay in rexburg right now, but i really want to stay here and i don’t know if i should and i need a job and i have a lot to figure out about all that junk.

44 your quirks- i don’t know if some of them are quirks as much as disorders tbh. i see a lot of things differently than most people. like i just translate visual things and actions weirdly sometimes. it comes in handy every now and then.

36 your turn offs- i’ll try to think of another even tho i already answered this one. folding to other people to easily is a big no for me. 

Anonymous said: you are a pretty man

just wait until you see in my hunger games costume this halloween i’m gonna be wearing so much make-up

it’ll be fergalicious

Anonymous said: 8, 21

8: What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing?

oh wow anon. gettin a little forward i see. boxers.

21: Who do you ship?

i don’t really ship a lot?? one time i almost had ship feels about bolin and korra cause he deserves a nice lady and stuff. cas and dean have good chemistry lol. uhhh OH YEAH.  basket case and jock from the breakfast club are END GAME OF EVERYTHING even tho i forgot their names. i’m just like whatever. i’m usually chill with whatever the show presents because the writers wrote it that way ?
sorry if that was disappointing